User experience, the focus for RPM’s XERAS 8.1 release

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, (December 11, 2013): RungePincockMinarco (RPM) continues its record year of product improvements with the third upgrade to their financial modelling software, XERAS.

“This year has seen a complete upgrade of the user interface and a move to enterprise integration for XERAS,” commented RPM’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Paul Beesley.

XERAS 8.1 is focused on system performance improvements and boasts a dramatic improvement in calculation speeds of up to 50 per cent and a significant improvement in spread sheet loading times, allowing very large models to be opened quickly.

“This improvement means users spend less time waiting for the answer and more time using the information to make informed decisions.”

Mr. Beesley emphasises that they haven’t just improved the calculation and loading speeds.

Other enhancements to XERAS include continual improvement to the popular Navigator feature. The Navigator pane in XERAS allows a workflow to be defined and guides the user through a standard process within their model.

The XERAS 8.1 navigator now allows a user to create context sensitive, configurable user documentation for each workflow step in their process.

“Rich text, diagrams, images and pictures now appear in a detachable window, thereby providing improved support to users while facilitating standard process which can be set by the business in the development of their budgets. Additional tasks can now be linked to navigator steps such as executing report queries.”

XERAS has always had strong audit and validation capabilities. Now with XERAS 8.1, users get even more visibility behind the numbers with a dynamic drill down tree that displays precedent cell references and values at a glance.

“Again, this is about spending less time looking for the underlying data and performing the validation. Users can quickly and easily see the information they need and use it to make the right business decisions.”

XERAS 8.1 is now also fully translated into Spanish.  This broadens the audience for the product, making it much more desirable to Spanish speaking customers, particularly those in Latin America.

“We have many clients in Latin America and the full translation of XERAS into Spanish will allow many more users to become proficient in the software.”

XERAS 8.1 is available as an upgrade for all existing users with valid maintenance contracts.